Spot of the week: “Aubergine”

Aubergine Restaurant Sofia

As a foodie type of girl, who has constant cravings for food, I am always in the search for a good restaurant, where I can relax after a long stressful day and enjoy the food. Last Tuesday was like every other day, I had to go out with a friend of mine and as usual it was up to me to decide where to go. Going through a couple of options, one restaurant particularly caught my eye with its name – “Aubergine”. The reason why I was so impressed was because my favorite vegetable is eggplant and I love trying it in all types of combinations. So immediately when I read the name I couldn’t resist going, within just a few minutes I already had reserved a table for two. To be honest the restaurant was fairly easy to find. It is situated on a small quite street in the heart of Sofia.  “Aubergine” hides inside a big old house probably more than 50 years old.  Entering the hallway a young waitress greeted us and showed us our table. The first thing I noticed was the simple décor and the cozy atmosphere, which the place had. I also heard that there was a beautiful summer garden, but unfortunately it was too cold to sit outside. The menu had a wide variety of tasty sounding dishes ,so we found it pretty hard to make our choice. But finally, after 15 minutes of going through the pages over and over again and debating on what we should get, we finally ordered. After a short wait our food arrived. Everything looked absolutely stunning, so we couldn’t wait to dig in. I ordered a stuffed eggplant with oriental spices, all the ingredients blended very nicely together and the tomato sauce really complimented the whole dish. My friend had some cauliflower curry, which was also incredible. When the waitress came to clean up the table, she kindly asked us, if we would like to have some desserts. Although we were quite full, we couldn’t resist trying the walnut cheesecake, so we decided to share it.  Personally I am a big fan of cheesecakes, but I try to avoid them, because most of them are full with fat and sugar and make me feel very bloated. The thing I really liked about this one, was that it was very light and not too sweet, so after finishing it I didn’t feel as guilty.

All in all, the food was well-prepared and I really liked that there were also a few vegan and vegetarian options. Unfortunately, I think that the place was a bit overpriced for the whole experience. Don’t get me wrong the food was delicious, but the design of the place was quite dull and the portions were not really worth what we were charged for. Despite that I would recommend the place especially if you are a beer lover. I forgot to mention, but every menu item is offered with a special craft beer.

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