How to thrift shop? – My top 5 tips

One of the most common questions I get asked is how I find such great deals in second-hand shops. For about a year now I go thrift-shopping very often and to be honest I am pretty darn good at it. I have to admit that it is not as easy as it seems to find hidden gems, especially if you are entering a thrift shop for the first time. Hopefully these tips and tricks will make you shopping much easier and more exciting.



As everyone knows the first thing that gets caught by the human eye is color. You probably have a favorite color or at least a few colors, which you wear the most. So my top tip would be to choose 3 colors before you go and search only for them. In this way you will avoid looking at every single clothing item and focus only on three exact colors. For example I always look for olive green, black and yellow and trust me this tip has saved me a lot of time.


Make a list

Yes, make a  to do list. Although it may sound quite strange and unusual, making a list with the things you need before going to a thrift-shop, is actually very helpful. When doing this you will avoid wandering around the clothing aisles for hours without knowing what you are searching for. Not only that this will save you a few extra hours, but also money. It is scientifically proven that when a person knows exactly what he wants, he or she doesn’t tend to buy as much stuff. Also some thrift shops are separated in sections by type of clothing item(ex. There is an entire section only for sweaters), so you just go there and look for the item you need.


Find YOUR shop

As every other shop some second-hand shops and certainly better than others. So if you have a friend or you know someone, who has a lot of thrifted clothing, don’t bother asking him, where he buys them from and which his favorite shop is. Of course this can’t guarantee you that you will for sure like the shop and everything it offers, because every person has a different taste, but it is still worth the try. Even after a few times of going to thrift shops you will also find some, which fit to your personal liking.


Event hunter

Thrift-shopping has become something very popular in the last few years and more and more people buy second-hand items or sell their own. That’s why in almost every country there are special events organized by people, who want to clean their closet. Be sure to check in Facebook and Instagram for this type of events and if you have free-time don’t miss going. I personally love going to “organized” thrift-shops because most of the time you see the owner, chat with him and even learn a little bit more about the thing you are buying. Some events are even held in very unusual spots and bars, so it’s also an excuse to grab a drink and socialize.

Note: most of the clothes at these events are from high-street brands, so some can get quite expensive.



Grab a friend

By no surprise doing something with a friend always makes everything much more exciting. Your friend could give you very helpful advice and tell you if actually something looks good on you or not. Thrift-shopping is also a great get together activity, because you can get creative, find crazy clothes and take some funny pics with your bestie. I really love going thrift-shopping with my best friends, we always have so much fun that it has become a monthly tradition.

Me and my girl thrift-shopping

Bonus tips:

  • Be sure to check if the clothing item is clean, some can even be ripped, so ALWAYS look carefully at what you are buying.
  • Some thrift-shops sale their clothes by kilos depending on the day, so ask or check online which day has the lowest price by kilo.

Well, that’s all from me. I really hope that this guide will help you.


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