24 hours in Kapana, Plovdiv

For those of you who are not familiar with Kapana(The Trap), it is a district in Plovdiv located in the heart of the city-center. Steering just a little from the Main Street in Plovdiv you will find yourself in the so called Kapana. The literal translation means Trap and the explanation for the abstract name is actually very simple. Once you get there you will want to be “trapped” in forever. The streets are so narrow and small that you can easily get lost. The whole district is dedicated to creative industries and modern art. When walking around you will notice the tiny colorfully painted buildings inspired by the ones in Amsterdam. You will find lots of small shops and cafes, which all fulfill “Kapana” and make it so unique.


A few weeks ago me and my girlfriends decided to pack our bags and go spontaneously to Plovdiv. We all love the old city and have visited it many times. This time in particular we wanted to explore something different and unusual, that’s why we all agreed to hang mainly around the beautiful “new” district Kapana. Although the district is not big at all, there is a café and shop  on every corner. During our 24 hours stay we made it our mission to find the best places to eat and drink in Kapana.

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We arrived pretty late in the afternoon at around 17:00, which was actually the perfect time to have an afternoon drink.  We took a quick walk in the narrow streets, took some pictures and headed to “Kotka and Mishka”(Cat and Mouse )- a craft beer bar. They have more than 100 varieties of beer from all around the world or in other words the place is certainly a beer heaven. We weren’t quite in the mood for beer, but gladly the bar offered some other drinks, which we could enjoy. Of course there were not that many, but we still managed to get some tea. We sipped on it while chatting and admiring the beautiful interior design of the whole place. They have really embroiled wood, brick and metal to make the “Cats and Mouse” kingdom so exciting.


After an hour of girl talks and drinking warm tea, our stomachs felt a bit empty, so we decided that it was time for dinner.  We headed straight to the only restaurant in the district. “Pavaj” is a tiny and neat restaurant, which offers amazing food, made from hand-picked products every day. The menu is only 2 pages long and has a slight humor in it, because it resembles a conversation between the customer and the chef. Whatever you choose from the menu items you certainly won’t be disappointed. We ordered a few things to share and everything was absolutely delicious. My personal favorites were the stuffed eggplant and chickpea stew. If you want to try bulgarian cuisine presented in a modern way than this is the place for you.

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Their special homemade bread and “katak”

Although we were quite full and a bit tired, we just couldn’t resist exploring the vibrant nightlife of the district. Plovdiv is a city full with young people and night owls looking always for a place to have a nice cocktail and listen to some good music. So by no surprise “Kapana” also has some really cool bars to visit. We were recommended by some locals to go to “Bally” – a night club just above the center of “Kapana”. It is a great place to party and every weekend there is a DJ party. The staff is very radiant and friendly , the design of the place is nothing special, but is still felt very welcoming. We really had a great time there, drank some cocktails and listened to amazing music.

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On the next day we headed out the door at around eleven with an enormous craving for some scrambled eggs. . Unfortunately “Pavaj” opens at 12:00, so while we waited, we went to energize our body with some caffeine. Next to “Pavaj” sits the well-known “Monkey House” – the only real coffee shop in Plovdiv. Not only because of the good espresso blends, but also the famous La Marzacco machine behind the bar makes the place even more attractive for coffee lovers. Every day “Monkey house” has several dessert options to compliment your drink and great selections of crafty beers and tea blends. The place is on two floors with lots of lights and bright details, you can notice that interior has an industrial touch with a slight feel of a noisy place in East London. We had some coffee and tea with a home-made honey-cookie.

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Brunch time.  The clock finally showed 12:00, so we immediately headed to “Pavaj”. We all got omelettes with homemade buttered bread. You are probably wondering why we went to “Pavaj”again, well honestly we just could not resist leaving Plovdiv without saying a proper goodbye and also the place is very famous for it’s breakfast items. Without a doubt these were the tastiest and fluffiest omelettes we have ever eaten in our life. They were so we big that we hardly even finished them. If you want to order one, I recommend you splitting it with your friend. Also if you want to go to “Pavaj”, don’t forget to book a table from the day before. Since it is so small it gets crowded pretty easily.

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our brunch feast

After having so much butter and bread, we wanted to detox our body with something healthy and sweet. Right across the corner there is a healthy food store, which has a wide variety of homemade raw vegan desserts, fresh juices and smoothies. It’s name is “Green library” and  it is a literal library for health and organic products. When we went there we tried the raw salted caramel brownie and trust me this was one of the best raw foods I’ve had so far. It had such a rich chocolate taste and the date caramel really added a very nice hint (you could never guess that this is not real caramel), all the simple ingredients melted in your mouth.

Raw bon-bons


That wrapped our small foodie trip to Plovdiv. We left the beautiful “Kapana” with satisfied stomachs, great memories and an unforgettable after taste. Stay tuned for some more interesting food places to visit in 24 hours.


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