Fast and healthy lunch? – My top 3 lunch places in Sofia


Nowadays almost everyone wants the perfect body or at least tries to stay healthy, but honestly it’s not as easy as it seems.  During lunch break we want to sit somewhere for a bit and eat our good-tasting lunch. That’s why most of the times people tend to go to places, where they serve cheap fast food. It’s true that Sofia is not famous for its healthy cuisine or numerous amounts of restaurants, where you can find vegan and vegetarian options. But gladly living in Sofia and having the opportunity to explore the city, I’ve found a lot of small cafes and restaurants that offer fast, healthy and not too expensive special lunch menu items, which can satisfy your stomach and fuel your organism for the rest of the day.  Out of all the places I’ve tried, I had to choose the top 3 that truly caught my attention and made me want to come back again and again.

  1. Slance I Luna(Sun and Moon)

When talking about lunch places, I just can’t miss to include my favorite vegan friendly restaurant in Sofia “Sun and Moon”. In whatever part of the day you go, you will have some amazing food, while being surrounded by the comfy and warm-welcoming atmosphere. On top of all this, there is even a special daily-menu, which includes soups, dessert and comforting dishes. It is reasonably priced for the quality of the food you get and everything is cooked on the same day with all organic ingredients. My personal favorite thing to get is the stew, it is perfect for a cold winter day, because it warms your heart and soul and makes you feel like you are   at your grandmas house. Their absolute staple is the vegan banitza(Bulgarian tortilla) with tofu or red lentils, which I actually buy at least once a week.  No matter if you are a resident or just having a city break in Sofia, Sun and Moon is great spot to have a quick lunch or try a vegan dish, which will absolutely blow your tastebuds.

Price range: 10-15leva(meal + dessert)

facebook page

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Spicy potato and chickpea soup

2. “Hlebar

Situated on my favorite street in Sofia – Shishman, “Hlebar”( The bread man) is an amazing bakery, which also has a special daily-menu. It includes soups, sandwiches and main dishes, which are all homemade. They have an open kitchen so you can even see how the food is being made every single day. The place is great to grab a lunch to go or even sit and relax, while eating your delicious meal. Last time I went there I wasn’t very hungry so I decided to get something lighter. I ordered a celery cream soup and to be honest I was a bit skeptical, come on who would think that a soup made just from celery would actually taste good. Well, let me tell you – this was one of the most flavorful things I have ever tasted in my life, it was so well-seasoned that from that moment I have constant cravings for it.  They also sell baked goods and as you could guess from the name they are mostly famous for their bread, so don’t leave without getting one for home.

*Hlebar also has a second location in Oborishte.

Price range: 10 leva(meal + dessert)

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Oborishte location
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Celery cream soup


  1. Salted Café

Hiding in the narrow streets in the center of Sofia “Salted Café” attracts its visitors with amazing coffee, warm drinks and a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan food options. It was firstly open in 2015 with the idea of using only fresh and organic ingredients. Everything is made day by day by their head-chef, who has lived for a few years in India. No wonder that their daily-menu, which consists of soup and a main dish, is inspired by the Indian cuisine. With the help of the wonderful and friendly staff I ordered a lentil dahl (traditional Indian soup) complimented by a vegan cappuccino. I was very happy with my choice, because they were both very well-made. I also wanted to get a raw dessert and enjoy the minimalist interior design, but unfortunately I was running errands. The location is not the most convenient one, but I suggest finding some spare time and having a lunch in Salted. The place is very spacious and doesn’t get crowded easily, so you can grab your laptop and still work while enjoying your meal.

*Salted Café also hosts a series of events such as art exhibitions and workshops, so check their Facebook page for what’s coming up next and don’t miss the chance to take a look.

Price range: around 10 leva


Lentil Dahl

*Bonus – Supa Star

I really tried to make a list of my only top 3 choices, but I just couldn’t miss adding the best place for soups in Sofia – Supa star. The concept of the creators is very simple, but also unique. The idea of combining familiar and less-known bowl recipes, proved to be brilliant and that’s why the fast-food restaurant is known with the title “the home of soups.” If you are not quite in the mood for soup there are also a few other options such as sandwiches and salads, which you could try.  In front of the 2 locations (especially during lunch break)you can see a long queue with hungry people waiting for their daily dose of warming and delicious soup, so don’t postpone for later and hurry up to get yourself a bowl, because they can finish quite fast.

Price range: 5-10leva

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parsnip soup and blue cheese salad

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Well, these were all my favorite lunch to go places in Sofia. It was very hard for me to pick my personal faves, but I hope you give them all a try and tell me what to think.

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