Oriental stuffed sweet potato

A few months ago I decided that I want to switch out my routine entirely and become vegan for 40 days. As I expected it was not easy at all, but at the end it was  definitely worth it. However, one day I was having a friend over and I wanted to make something that was tasty, but also vegan friendly, so we could both enjoy it. The first thing I thought about were of course sweet potatoes  (like come on, who doesn’t love  sweet potatoes), my friend simply did, so I really wanted to surprise her with something special. I googled a couple of recipes and at the end I was inspired by a few and made my very own. It was very simple to make and extremely tasty. My friend really loved them and so did I, so I wasn’t surprised why our plates became empty so fast. I even posted an instagram story with my masterpiece and a lot of people dm-ed me to ask, in which restaurant was I in, so that really made me blush.  Some of my friends even tried the recipe at home and loved it. It doesn’t require a lot of time and it is pretty easy to make, so I recommend to make it for your next dinner or lunch.


2 sweet potatoes

For the crispy chickpeas:

1 can of chickpeas

½ cup pomegranate seeds

1 Tsp cumin

1 Tsp paprika

1 Tsp spicy red pepper

1 Tsp salt and pepper

1 Tsp garlic salt

3 Tsp olive oil

For the sauce

2 tbsp tahini

2 cloves of garlic

1\2 squeezed lemon

1 Tsp cumin


  • Preheat your oven to 200 degrees
  • Cut the sweet potatoes in half and brush with olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Place them in a baking tin, skin facing upwards
  • Put them in the preheated oven for 35-40 minutes or until firm
  • Drain and dry nicely your chickpeas. If you want them to be crispy you need to make sure that they are dry
  • Mix the chickpeas in a bowl with all the spices and olive oil
  • Place the mixture on a baking tin lined with baking sheet for 15 minutes(check them often to make sure they don’t burn)
  • For the sauce put all the ingredients in a mixer or mix everything by hand, to make the consistency better add a little bit of water or unsweetened nut milk
  • When your sweet potatoes are ready it is time to plate, this is the part, in which you can get creative and personalize the recipe
  • I personally spread some of the sauce over the sweet potatoes and add the crispy chickpeas. Afterwards I topped everything with some pomegranate seeds mixed in with some cilantro and juice of half a lemon.

Trust me the recipe is great and I am sure you will love it. Also if you are not vegan, I really recommend adding some blue cheese or any kind of cheese at the end, it really makes the whole difference.

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