24 hours of food: Vienna edition

Many people assume that in Vienna it is a rarity to eat something besides schnitzel or wurst with French fries or the famous Sacher cake. Well, thanks to its vast cultural growth, you can now find many modern restaurants and bars all around the city. During my 48 hour stay in Vienna I made it my mission to explore as many local-favorite spots and non-traditional restaurants and share them with you. So here are the places we were able to visit during our short trip.

1. Max and Benito- Our first stop was actually very random and unplanned. We were shopping on Mariahilferstrasse and stumbled across this amazing taco and burrito place. We were attracted by the cool and vibrant design of the diner and instantly intrigued to check if the food was just as good. “Max and Benito” is a self-service fast food restaurant where you customize your own taco, salad or burrito. You can choose from their house marinated meat in special sauces and put toppings up to your own liking. We ordered two different tacos, one with braised chicken and the other one with chipotle style chicken and both tasted incredible. To complete the mexican meal we got some chips and guacamole. If you are looking for a place, where you can have a quick bite complimented with an amazing taste then I recommend trying Max and Benito.



2. Cafe 7-Stern – Thanks to my awesome friend Rada, we were able to find out about this hidden gem. Only two words are needed to describe 7-Stern and its atmosphere – hipster paradise. But even if you are not a fan of hipster culture, you will certainly love this place. To be honest it was a little bit hard to find since it is not situated directly in the center, but definitely worth the extra 15 minutes of wandering in the streets. Entering the cafe you get the immediate feeling as if you are in an enormous living room filled with young people. Vintage furniture, big tables, old sofa and a charming wooden counter make you feel very home-like and cozy. Quickly you find yourself losing track of time and you stay longer that originally intended. The menu has a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and brunch items to choose from. We tried out the shakshuka with chorizo and the salad bowl. This salad was one of the most delicious salads I have ever had in my life. They had put so many different ingredients, which all made the taste so unique. Even my best friend who normally refuses to eat anything that could be vegan or healthy, enjoyed it immensely. The cafe also had a special dessert display, but unfortunately we were not quite in the mood for sweets.


Dessert Display(all the desserts are guilt-free)


3. Superfood Deli – As I already mentioned in my previous blog post, “Superfood deli” is one of my favorite spots in Vienna, so I couldn’t resist stopping by for an acai bowl. If you want to learn a bit more about the deli, check out-https://afterthetaste.com/2018/02/15/superfood-deli-vienna/

Hangover acai

4. Hungry Guy – Right in the heart of the city, just next to Shwedenplatz you can have street food served on a plate. Opened just a few years ago “Hungry guy” serves the best pita in Vienna and is a preferred restaurant for tourists and locals. From their pita to the most delicious hummus, everything is made in house.The menu sounded exceptional, so with the help of the waiter I got the mango chicken pita. I really liked it because the mango chutney made the whole dish taste very fresh and the tahini sauce added great depth. My friend tried their cheeseburger pita, which tasted exactly like regular cheeseburger, maybe even better. If you want to give oriental styled street food a try then “Hungry guy” is the best possible place to do so.


Hummus with pita
Mango Chicken pita

5. Joma – On our last day I woke up with the mind-set that I can not leave this city without having brunch. Joma is a preferred brunch place by most of our friends in Vienna and it was also near to our hotel, so without overthinking we went there. The look of the place is a mix between modern design and traditional Viennese coffeehouse, making you feel a bit more boogie. Unlike the upscale atmosphere the prices are actually very normal. Whether you want a more traditional brunch with eggs Benedict or something more healthy like a porridge bowl, Joma’s brunch menu will satisfy all your cravings. Everything we ate was lovely and our plates were emptied within seconds.



6. Joseph brot – Although I was already feeling like a pregnant woman after all the food I had eaten just within 24hours, I couldn’t say good bye to Vienna without going to one of its newest and trendiest bakeries. Besides their amazing fresh loaves and artisan bread, you can also choose from their famous pastries and healthy smoothies. Including that they also have a special bagel station where you can either get one of their pre-made bagels or customize your own. I personally went for their Thai tuna bagel and was extremely satisfied with my choice. To top off my whole foodie experience in Vienna I also bought a vegan hazelnut muffin, which perfectly completed my trip.


Vegan Hazelnut Muffin

That wrapped up my short trip of Vienna. I hope you give all these places a try.

Next food stop: Copenhagen

See you next Thursday!

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