24 hours of food: Berlin, Germany

A few days ago my best friend and I decided to go for the weekend to Berlin in order to spend some quality time together and visit some friends there. Since it wasn’t our first time in the city we really wanted to explore it as locals and avoid the basic tourist traps. Knowing me and knowing about my crazy passion for food, our short holiday quickly turned into a mini – foodie adventure. We visited a lot of the local’s favorite bars and restaurants. So here is how our foodie day in Berlin looked like:

11:00 Silo Café – After our flight was delayed with 4 hours and we landed at 5 am In Berlin, we decided to go to sleep and get up a bit later. Waking up, we were both craving for a good breakfast and an energizing cup of quality coffee, which would help us go on with our tightly planed day in Berlin. That’s why we headed all the way to Friedrichschein to try one of the city’s best cafes. Silo Café is a true breakfast and coffee heaven. The menu is full of deliciously sounding traditional breakfasts options but with a twist. My best friend and I wanted something salty, so we shared a traditional avocado toast with poached egg and the eggs in tomato sauce . While waiting for our food we drank a lovely coffee and enjoyed the minimalistic interior of the cafe. After a short wait we diged into our food. As expected, everything was incredible, but I warn you if you don’t like spicy food don’t order the eggs in tomato sauce.

13:00 – Markthalle Neun

Walking around the hidden streets and going shopping, we finally felt hungry and stopped for a quick lunch break at one of the best food markets in town. Markthalle Neun is a market full of local products. There you can find a wide variety of fruits and veggies, quality meat as well, sweet goodies and many more. An interesting fact about the place is that regularly it hosts a couple of interesting food events. For example every third Sunday of the month there is the so called “Breakfast market” and every Thursday night you can go on a street food adventure there. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to catch any of those events, but we still enjoyed the amazing Bulgogi bowl from “Bone’s ” and treated ourselves with a scoop of gelato.

Bulgogi bowl

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15:30 – The store kitchen

Heading to a completely different part of Berlin, we were suggested by a couple of locals to leave some spare time and go to Soho house. Inside the elegant Soho house you can  not only shop luxury fashionable goods, admire the esthetic interior, listen to some good music, but as well as that enjoy a healthy meal at “the Store Kitchen”. Everyday you have the opportunity to choose your dish from their lunch and brunch menu, which main focus is on health and sustainability. I ordered their vegan laxa with tofu and noodles, which tasted, looked and smelled absolutely incredible.

17:00 – Paul Möhring – have you ever thought what if ice-cream was actually a gourmet dish. Well the guys from Paul Möhring have managed to make this dream into reality. For about a year now the small stylish shop offers its customers extraordinary soft-serve creations. The traditional ice cream flavors like vanilla and chocolate and their mix are daily produced from natural high-quality ingredients. What makes the ice-cream so special are actually the wildly combined toppings. You decide whether you want  Paul Mohrings already made crazy combinations like “Salty Baby”, “Bacon and Cream” and many more or customize your own ice-cream. In addition to the soft ice-cream you can also go for a vegan option such as the famous gin and tonic sorbet.

Soft serve with popcorn and red peppercorns

21:30 Holzmarkt – After a long day fullfilled with food and sightseeing, we really wanted to reward ourselves with a drink. That’s why we headed to Berlin’s Urban paradise situated along the river. About a year ago Holzmarkt celebrated its grand re-opening and since then it quickly became a locals favorite spot for a weekend hang out or even just a chill out night. The newly opened place comprises of several features such as restaurants, bars, cool food stalls and even an outdoor fire place, where you can sit and enjoy a drink or two with your friends. If you are lucky enough you can even enjoy a live music performance. Since the whole public area has an outdoor policy, everyone is welcomed to come. This makes the whole atmosphere really friendly and lively. Since this article is about food, I can’t miss to add that we also had an amazing veggie pizza there.

Veggie pizza

11:00 – Distrikt Coffee – Before going to the airport we had one last spot left on our Berlin food list. Distrikt Cafe is considered to be one of the city’s best brunch spots. The design of the cafe has a very modern industrial feel. Surrounded by brick walls, wood and leather[a] you can still feel very comfy and homie. Everything from the menu is freshly made and served to your table by the friendly staff members. We were looking for a rather lighter and healthier dish, so that’s why we got the superfood bowl and the yoghurt with apricots. Of course we couldn’t resist trying also their avocado toast with poached egg because after all can one call brunch a real brunch without the classic  avocado toast. If you are looking for a quiet Sunday getaway to catch up with a friend or even get some work done, Distrikt cafe is the place to go.

Superfood bowl

Well, that’s how our short foodie adventures in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities ended. Hope you liked it! See you soon with a new foodie adventure!

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