Style Challenge: One shirt, three looks

For a while now I have been thinking a lot more about the term sustainable fashion and how humans impact nature in general. Unfortunately we all live in a consumers world where many people dream to constantly buy the latest clothes or goods and even live in fear to wear the same thing more than once. A few months ago I was one of those people but after my recent visit to London where I saw the sustainable fashion exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum, my vision for the fashion industry and its impact drastically changed. Learning that clothes are the 5th biggest nature pollutants I began being more aware about my clothing purchases. Now I try to restrict myself from buying fashion pieces I dont really need, I thrift shop more often and also reuse my older clothes. Inspired from this change, I decided to challenge myself to wear one clothing piece but styled in various ways so that others don’t notice that I am wearing the same one. For the three looks which you are about to see I chose a basic white shirt which I assume almost everyone has in their closet. Along with the talented Julieta(@picsbyjulieta) we filmed this lookbook.

Look 1 – As you can probably tell this vision was inspired by French fashion. I have always admired French women for their simple style and their outstanding ability to always look put together. Under my shirt I wore a fancy bra let to make the look a bit more romantic.

Shirt: Zara

Pants: Glasswork

Socks: Glasswork

Bralette: Intissimi

Sunglasses: H&M

*the barrette I am wearing is very special for me because it belonged to my grandfather

Look 2 – Recently I have been really loving wearing polos underneath shirts and T-shirts. I believe that they add a touch of edginess to almost every look. Here I went for a rather riskier vision with the whole white going on. However I think that the touch of red, accessories and shoes tie the look together very nicely and make it even suitable for fashion week(haha, just kidding).

Polo: Weekday

Jeans: Topshop

Coat: TommyxGigi

Shoes: Minó

Belt: Zara

Look 3 – The last one is probably the simplest of them all. Its extremely easy to put together since it requires mostly basic pieces which you probably already have in your closet. As you can see I pulled the sleeves and made the basic white shirt look like a off the shoulder top. The look is great for a night out, events or even a casual city walk.

Jacket: Levi’s

Belt: Levi’s

Jeans: Vintage Sisley (you can find similar once in Zara)

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Well, I guess thats it. Honestly the challenge was not as easy as I thought it was going to be, but in the end I believe that I did a good job. I hope that this look book makes you more aware of your clothing purchases and inspires you to reuse and style pieces which you already own in a new way. I know that not buying new clothes won’t save the planet, but it is still one of those small changes which add to a much bigger one.


  1. Great point to find the style with very few pieces. It’s not matter of expensive things but to match in your own way… Love it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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