24 hours of food: Sofia

If you have been following my blog for a while now you have probably noticed that I like to make a 24 hour food guide for every city I visit. A few weeks ago I realized that I haven’t made any sort of food guide about my own home town – Sofia which seemed strange since one of my favorite free-time activities is to visit its newest and trendiest food spots. To correct my mistake I’ve prepared a special edition of the perfect foodie day which includes some of my personal favorite places in this incredible city.

10:30 – Fabrika Daga – It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t start my foodie day with a brunch. As you could guess from the name, Fabrika Daga is a factory, which produces happiness and joy, but instead of giant machines they will surprise you with incredibly tasty dishes made from their friendly staff. “Rainbow Factory” is famous for its coffee and unique sandwiches and salads and especially for their mekitzi and banitza. Taking a bite from whatever you order, it will throw you back down to memory lane and make you feel like you are at your grandma’s kitchen. The concept of the whole place is supposed to resemble traditional Bulgarian cuisine with a modern twist and they have successfully implemented their idea.

Pricing: 10-12 leva(meal + drink)

their special brunch isle

13:00 Drekka – Since I was doing this 24 hour guide on Saturday after a night out a second coffee was desperately needed. I headed to one of the best coffee places in town to get a Freddo espresso and refuel myself. The cafe is pretty small but the simple and still cozy interior makes it the perfect working space. It’s very quite and the only louder noise you can expect to hear will come from the coffee machine.

Pricing – 3-5 leva

credits @themarierose

15:00 Gelato and Latte – What’s a perfect foodie day without dessert? Since I am probably the biggest gelato fan ever I have been to almost every gelateria there is to find in Sofia. Even though there are quite a few ice cream shops I enjoy in Sofia, Gelato and Latte is without a doubt my favorite one. Their gelato is carefully crafted with fresh ingredients and you can expect new flavors almost everyday. Whether you are a classic and like chocolate flavor or are willing to try something more experimental and interesting, Gelato&Latte is the place to go.

credits @gelatoandlatte

19:00 Old is new – For dinner we were up for something a bit more on the fine dining side but still nothing too much. That’s why we chose to eat at one of my most adored places in Sofia. Old is new combines the perfect mixture between simple taste and modern cuisine. Their menu changes seasonally and everything on it has been previously well-tested before being put on. You can expect to find classic street foods such as burgers and hot-dogs prepared and plated in a rather different way. Also when in Old is new forget about your diet and enjoy the amazingly tasting desserts. Another reason why I love this place so much is the staff, who are always extremely friendly and patiently will help you while choosing your meal.

Pricing: 20-50 leva

The lunch menu is only 8 leva for 2 dishes

credits: @oldisnewbistro

21:00 5l Bar – this is probably one of my go to bars whenever I feel like having a drink or two. Their cocktails taste so good that you can easily get yourself drunk without even noticing. That’s why the cocktails on their menu are in a special order depending whether you want a stronger or lighter alcoholic beverage. The atmosphere and the design of the bar really takes you back in time as if you have traveled with a time Machine to the 20s but I am not going to spoil more information because it would be best to experience the place yourself.

Pricing – 10 leva per cocktail

10:00 Cafe Parallel 43 – After the insane amount of guilty pleasures in the last 24 hours the last stop of our foodie tour is another very beloved place of mine. It mainly focuses on healthy and mindful foods based on plant-based ingredients, so it was the perfect choice to help us detox from all the food from the previous day. Cafe Parallel 43 is one of my go to spots whenever I crave something sweet but don’t want to consume a ton of unhealthy sugars and carbs. Their menu is simple and small but everything is nicely prepared. I have to also give them big credit for their vegan pancakes which are absolutely to die for and definitely a must tried!

Pricing – 10-15 leva(meal + drink)

Well, that’s all from my foodie trip in my home town. There are definitely many more places that are worth exploring. Let me know whether I should do a part 2.

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