A day in a youth exchange project

Last week one of my closest friends invited me to the final exhibition of her very first Erasmus + project. To be honest I arrived there a bit grumpy, tired and also not knowing what to expect. But after three hours spent there, meeting so many young creatives smiling and being satisfied with the amazing work they’ve done during the last few days was like a mood booster to me. I just couldn’t get the smile off my face. It was the breath of fresh air I had needed for a long time. I left the exhibition fulfilled with positive energy, motivation and most of all cultural enrichment.

Before I tell you more about the event I attended I’m going to briefly explain the whole idea of their Erasmus + project and their organization “Connected for future”.

“Connected for future” is a newly found organization ran by three young and highly ambitious ladies who know what’s up. They put so much effort and love into everything they do, so no wonder their projects are so successful.

Their first big youth exchange project is called “Shoot” and it was just very held in Lozen, a small village near Sofia. It aimed at reflecting on various socio-ethical issues, ensuing from discrimination, and to seek creative and effective solutions and work towards the resolving of these issues with a peer to peer approach among youngsters. The main focus lied on fostering integration, tolerance, social acceptance, intercultural and European awareness by using different non-formal educational methods with an emphasis on photography and videography as the main tools.

During the 7-days of exchange the participants in the program had various creative activities which not only helped them become more tolerant to others but also helped them expand their cultural knowledge, raise their awareness toward others while communicating, meeting and engaging with people from different countries, cultures and social backgrounds.

The final event which I was invited to aimed to present the very best ideas which they have developed during the week. The exhibition was divided into three parts- photo exhibition called “Humans of Sofia”, short film presentation and performances showing the stereotypes of a certain nationality. It was great seeing how so culturally diverse people have managed to cope so well with each other.I had the opportunity to meet some of the program participants, get to know them, ask them questions about the project they’ve worked on during their stay. They all seemed very happy and satisfied whit what they have accomplished. Most importantly they were able to become friends with each other and overcome their differences and anxieties.

All in all I had a wonderful time at the final exhibition of “Connected future” first project. I even felt sorry that I hadn’t signed up to participate myself. I want to congrats the three girls for the great job they’ve done and embrace them to keep working with the same energy and motivation.

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