Stuffed eggplant with cashew cream cheese

This stuffed eggplant recipe is perfect to serve on a summer barbecue with friends or family. Not only will it visually satisfy your guests, but it will also make them lick their fingers and want more and more. The combination of Delishu delicacy with dried tomatoes, roasted aubergines and tomato sauce is a real spectacle of flavors and would appeal to even the most demanding.


4 aubergines (medium)
1 packet of deli with dried tomatoes
Fresh basil

For the sauce:
1 tomato
1 red pepper
1 onion
2 cloves garlic

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut the aubergines into strips, add plenty of salt and set aside for about 30 minutes.
  2. Cut the tomatoes, peppers and onions in half and place in a baking tray. In case you use a grill, you can cook everything on it.
  3. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake at 200 degrees. After 40-50 minutes, remove them and blend in a mixer or blender until a homogeneous mixture
  4. After 30 minutes, wash and dry the aubergines.
  5. Season with salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil and grill or in a skillet.
  6. Once the aubergines are ready it is time to prepare the stuffing. In a blender, beat the cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and all the final pieces of eggplant that do not fit into rolls.
  7. Place a small spoonful of the stuffing at one end of the eggplant and roll until a roll is obtained. Do this with all the eggplant pieces.
  8. Once all the components of your dish are ready, serve the stuffed rolls, drizzled with roasted tomatoes and peppers sauce and for the final touch sprinkle with more fresh basil and crushed nuts.

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