Spiced pear drinks

Since I have already shown you how to make this delicious pear syrup, its about time that I share with you my favorite ways to consume it. Whether you like your cocktail with some booze or not, I have created two recipes that work for both types of people.

Spiced pear lemonade 

 The first one is a non-alcoholic lemonade that is perfect to be consumed all season round. As one of my friends described it, it has a very deep sophisticated flavor and is perfect for those cozy winter nights when you want to drink something refreshing. The pear syrup on its own has a very disctinct taste, so I wanted to keep it and therefore didn’t add a lot of extra things to drink. Made simply just out of syrup, grapefruit zest and soda, this drink is the perfect soft welcome for the next time your friends after a long night out. 


50 ml pear syrup 


Lemon/grapefruit zest 

What to do?

Fill a tall cup with ice, add the pear syrup and top with soda. For garnish place a piece of lemon or grapefruit zest. 

Spiced pear sour 

The next drink is for my people who like to spice up their life with a little bit of booze. Sour cocktails are my favorite types of drinks because they are so easy to make, have a very refreshing feel and are very versataile. They require only a few ingredients that you already have in house, a good balance of sweet and sour and a decent shake in order to get that firm foam on top. To make the cocktail more “stable” some people like adding a raw egg white but it is not really that essential, so don’t worry if you skip it. Trust me this drink will definitely “wow” your guests and after even one sip, they will want more and more, so prepare yourself with enough ingredients. 


50 ml gin 

30 ml pear syrup 

15 ml lemon juice 

1 egg white

Lemon/orange zest 

Cinnamon stick(optional) 

What to do?

  1. Fill a glass with ice to the top. 
  2. Put a generous amount of ice in the shaker. Add all the ingredients listed above and shake well. 
  3. Remove the ice from the glass cup and refill again with ice. 
  4. Pour over the cocktail and garnish with the zest and cinnamon stick. 

I really hope you like and end making these fall recipes. A special shout out to the wonderful photographer Nena, who helped me film this.

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