My name is Rossie and I am a girl based in Sofia, Bulgaria. My hobbies include eating, traveling and cooking. Whenever I have the time I pack my bags, gather with my friends or family and hop on a plane. I believe that the best way to explore a new and unknown country is by eating your way through it. Food really does represent the culture and traditions of a certain region, so what better way to learn something new than local favorite spots and restaurants.  I have traveled a lot around Europe and beyond, so I have a ton of stories and tips about traveling to tell.

I am a so called “health foodie”. For about 6 years now I’ve made healthy eating and living  a mantra in my life. That certainly doesn’t mean that I am on a strict diet or I eat only veggies. As every other person I love food, but I try to feed my body with the nutrients it needs. I started my “health” journey when I was 14 years and as every other teenage girl I wanted to lose weight and look my best. Honestly, at the beginning I didn’t know what I was doing, so of course I thought that starving is the best solution. Not only that I gained even more weight, but also that caused me a series of health problems, with which I still struggle. Luckily, I was able to understand fast that what I was doing to my body is wrong and should change my routine entirely in order to maintain my weight. Now I feel and look my best, without any starvation or diets, I enjoy food the way I did before, just in moderate quantities.

I created Afterthetaste because I want to show people that eating healthy and having fun is not something hard, neither does it require a lot of money. So if you are interested in traveling, cooking and learning more about health and fashion than this is the blog for you.

Come and join me on my journey!