Style Challenge: One shirt, three looks

For a while now I have been thinking a lot more about the term sustainable fashion and how humans impact nature in general. Unfortunately we all live in a consumers world where many people dream to constantly buy the latest clothes or goods and even live in fear to wear the same thing more than once. A few months ago I was one of those people but after my recent visit to London where I saw the sustainable fashion exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum, my vision for the fashion industry and its impact drastically changed. Learning that clothes are the 5th biggest nature pollutants I began being more aware about my clothing purchases. Now I try to restrict myself from buying fashion pieces I dont really need, I thrift shop more often and also reuse my older clothes. Inspired from this change, I decided to challenge myself to wear one clothing piece but styled in various ways so that others don’t notice that I am wearing the same one. For the three looks which you are about to see I chose a basic white shirt which I assume almost everyone has in their closet. Along with the talented Julieta(@picsbyjulieta) we filmed this lookbook.

Look 1 – As you can probably tell this vision was inspired by French fashion. I have always admired French women for their simple style and their outstanding ability to always look put together. Under my shirt I wore a fancy bra let to make the look a bit more romantic.

Shirt: Zara

Pants: Glasswork

Socks: Glasswork

Bralette: Intissimi

Sunglasses: H&M

*the barrette I am wearing is very special for me because it belonged to my grandfather

Look 2 – Recently I have been really loving wearing polos underneath shirts and T-shirts. I believe that they add a touch of edginess to almost every look. Here I went for a rather riskier vision with the whole white going on. However I think that the touch of red, accessories and shoes tie the look together very nicely and make it even suitable for fashion week(haha, just kidding).

Polo: Weekday

Jeans: Topshop

Coat: TommyxGigi

Shoes: Minó

Belt: Zara

Look 3 – The last one is probably the simplest of them all. Its extremely easy to put together since it requires mostly basic pieces which you probably already have in your closet. As you can see I pulled the sleeves and made the basic white shirt look like a off the shoulder top. The look is great for a night out, events or even a casual city walk.

Jacket: Levi’s

Belt: Levi’s

Jeans: Vintage Sisley (you can find similar once in Zara)

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Well, I guess thats it. Honestly the challenge was not as easy as I thought it was going to be, but in the end I believe that I did a good job. I hope that this look book makes you more aware of your clothing purchases and inspires you to reuse and style pieces which you already own in a new way. I know that not buying new clothes won’t save the planet, but it is still one of those small changes which add to a much bigger one.

24 hours of food: London

Around a week ago I got back from an amazing trip to London. I don’t know what it is about this city but every time I come back from there I always feel very energized and fulfilled with positive energy ( and with about 2kg heavier). As you could guess eating is an essential part of my stay in my travels, so while I was in the UK I just couldn’t resist eating my way through it and trying out the hottest places. London is such a big city and therefore always has a new restaurant, cafe or bar opening. It would be almost impossible to keep up. I think I still managed to visit some of the trendiest restaurants and bars which were all recommended to me by locals. In this blogpost I am going to share with you some of those places and describe how my perfect foodie day in London looked like:

10:00 – Coppa Club

My first day in London started out with a breakfast with a view shared with great company. Situated next to London bridge exactly on the river, Coppa Club is said to be one of the hottest spots in London right now. The thing that makes it so special and unique among locals and tourists are the igloos in which you can dine, chat with your friends in private and enjoy the view of the river. In addition to the unique experience of sitting in a glass igloo the restaurant itself has a wide variety of breakfast/brunch options. Honestly from such a trendy place I didn’t expect much from the food but everything we had from the breakfast menu was very delicious and surprisingly not too pricey.

Favorite dish – Avocado Toast with Poached Egg and Salmon

12:00 – Roasting plant – After our fulfilling breakfast we headed to the other side of the river. Since I still hadn’t had my daily dose of caffeine I was in a desperate search of a nice cafe. On our way to Borough market we randomly stumbled across this newly opened café. Right after stepping in, our noses were hit by the aromatic smell of freshly roasted coffee. The thing that probably impressed us most, were the rows of gleaming glass vats of beans – all filled with different coffee varieties. The Javabot is the main event in this coffee place. The machine sends beans from the vats into tubes that snake across the ceiling and over your head. Request whatever taste profile you would like and the super friendly staff will press a few buttons on the till and will make your coffee right ahead.

Favorite drink – Late with Oat Milk

14:30 – Caravan restaurant – With a few locations in London this Australian influenced restaurant offers a wide variety of interesting dishes suited for all diet types. We had a pretty hard time choosing our order so we ended up getting what seemed like almost half of the menu. After a short period of time our food was served by the kind and friendly staff members. Everything was plated extraordinarily and tasted extremely good.

Favorite dish – Roasted Cabbage with Blue Cheese

roasted cabbage with blue cheese

16:00 – L’Eto – Even thought my tummy was pretty full from all the food I had already had for lunch and breakfast I was still craving something sweet. I headed to one of my favorite bakeries in the city. It offers a wide variety of cakes and pastries which not only look exceptionally good but also have a very unique taste.

Favorite dessert – Lemon Meringue Tart

19:30 – Chicama – If you follow me on instagram you have probably noticed how many times I have posted about this place. No doubt this is my favorite place to dine in London. This Peruvian restaurant situated in Chelsea focuses on freshness and the quality of the ingredients prepared in an unusual way. The interior of the restaurant is very minimal – a great mix of millennial pink with marble. On the menu you can expect to find lots of veggie and seafood dishes all of which will satisfy your taste buds. And since it is a Peruvian restaurant I also strongly suggest for you to try one of their ceviches.

Tuna ceviche

Sea bass ceviche
Miso aubergine

Favorite dish: Miso Eggplant

10:00 – Eggbreak – To end this 24 hours foodie marathon we headed to Nottinghill to try one of the trendiest spots in the neighborhood. As you could probably guess from the name, eggs are running the show in this place, so you can find them prepared in almost every single way possible – from poached to fried. My friend and I had a hard time choosing which egg dish to get so we decided to get 2 different things and share them. While enjoying our lovely egg feast we quietly jammed to songs from the awesome playlist they had on playing. We ended up liking it so much that we added it to our own Spotify.

Favorite dish – …

well, that’s all from my London foodie trip. Subscribe to my blog for more tasty adventures!

Eating vegan for a month? – my personal experience and thoughts

As a person who loves challenging herself and her body I frequently like to switch up my food regime and experiment with new diets. For a second year in a row I ate like a vegan for 30 days. I know that for many of you that may sound a bit odd but trust me veganism is not something you have to be afraid of or judge. Nourishing your body with only plant-based foods may actually benefit your health and make you feel and look healthier. Before I start explaining how it felt to be vegan for 30 days, I want to put a big disclaimer that this blog post is not supposed to promote this type of lifestyle to anyone because we can all decide for ourselves what’s best. I just want to share with you my personal experience and highlight the pros and cons of a plant-based diet.

Week 1

Even before going fully vegan I had already stopped eating meat and most dairy products in order to not drastically shock my body. I believe that this small step was key, because unlike most people who decide to try and become vegan I was no longer craving any animal products. I can say that the first week was fairly easy. For breakfast I would normally have yoghurt with granola and fruits which I would switch up with either some homemade oatmeal or overnight oats. Probably the only thing that was a bit harder was that I had to cook two separate meals – one for me and one for my family because they refused eating without meat. In the end of the week I noticed that my face had cleared out a bit which I guess was because I did not eat any dairy.

My usual breakfast

Week 2 – wasn’t that much different from the previous. I started experimenting a bit more in the kitchen and tried out a few vegan recipes. For the first time in my life I cooked tofu and honestly I was pretty impressed by the taste. I made a vegan pad Thai and instead of chicken I marinated the tofu in Soy Sauce and spices. The only negative thing I noticed was that due to the lack of animal products rich in Vitamin B12 and Calcium I was frequently moody and tired.

My top vegan recipe are the 5 – Minute Chickpea pancakes with avocado basil cream

Week 3

This had to be the most enjoyable week of all. 14 days had passed quickly by and I found myself beginning to enjoy the vegan lifestyle. I was eating much cleaner and my daily diet included much more fruit and vegetables. The only “struggle” so to speak, was during the weekend. A few very close friends of mine and I were supposed to go skiing and stay together in an apartment. That meant that we had to cook meals which will suit every single diet and preference. Luckily, my friends were very open minded and were totally on board to have vegan meals for dinner at least on the first night. So we made a few tasty salads, hummus and surprisingly they also ended up liking it. I also talked to a few people who were vegan and asked them to recommend me some vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Sofia. Surprisingly, there were a lot of spots that were new for me, so I really enjoyed trying what they had to offer.

Sun&Moon will probably always be one of my absolute favorite vegan places in Sofia

Week 4

Although it was the last week it was probably the hardest one. You know what people say the closer you are to the end the further it feels. My week was fulfilled with social activities because Christmas was just a week away. Most of the time I had to eat outside and due to vegan culture not being that much in “In” Sofia, there are only a few vegan food spots, it proved to be a bit of a struggle for me. Every time I went to a non-vegan restaurant I had to explain to the waiter why I want a meal without dairy or meat. Sometimes I even had to hide that I was vegan because not all the people are as tolerant and start looking you strangely when saying the v-word. Because of this I understood how hard is to be a non-animal eater in Sofia. Sadly most of the people here don’t tolerate this way of eating and start to judge your decision. They believe that being vegan is just a way to draw attention to yourself or some kind of diet when it is really not. In fact it is totally the opposite thing. Even though I am against food restrictions I still believe that veganism is a lifestyle which as everything else in this world has its pros and cons and no one should be criticized or mocked for it. We should all respect other people’s opinions!

Final thoughts: Honestly after the 4 weeks of being vegan I felt pretty good, I had lost a few pounds and even my skin had cleared out a bit. I was able also to try a lot of delicious vegan dishes and experiment in the kitchen. Although veganism had a lot of pros, it still had its down sides. For example as I mentioned above I had frequent mood switches and energy spanks due to the lack of essential vitamins my body didn’t get. Another hard thing was eating out while being vegan. As I said not many people are as accepting and understanding, so I had a few slips with that. For example when I asked a waiter whether they could make a plant-based alternative of a meal on the menu, they looked at me very judgementally, which made me feel uncomfortable and bad for my new eating habit.

Finally I can say that for now I will probably stick to my usual eating routine and not switch to a vegan one but honestly these 30 days were a great cleanse for my body from all the excessive fat I normally consume. I would love to hear your own thoughts on the plant-based diet, so leave me a comment down below with your thoughts and experiences!

Step by step guide to the perfect cozy day

Yes, it’s that time of the year already. Where accordingly to Mariah Carey’s song, snow should be falling all around us and people should be playing outside and having fun. Well, especially in my case that isn’t the way I see the winter season. Although many get fairly excited when snow starts to fall and the degrees start lowering, I am quite honestly the opposite. I highly dislike the cold and snowy weather, because even though it may be beautiful and in December the Christmas spirit hits me and I get all jolly, during the rest of the time when I go outside I have to layer myself with a lot of clothes and start regretting my existence. For this reason the only thing that gets me excited about winter is that I could use the cold as an excuse to sit at home and cozy up in front of the fireplace alongside a nice book. Since I am sure that a lot of you are just like me and prefer to be lazy at home rather than to leave the house and walk in the snow, I wanted to show you how my perfect winter cozy day looks like. I believe that all the activities I have included in this blogpost are not only suitable for winter time, but will also be very helpful if you want to rest, relax and forget about your stressful daily life at work or school.

Step 1 – Find a spot and fill it with blankets and pillows – what would a cozy winter day be without warm blankets and cute pillows. Whether you will place them on your bed, couch or floor, just lay them on the place you have chosen and put as many as you can. It will not only look very cute and cozy, but if in some case you get cold or start falling asleep you won’t need to worry about getting up from your cozy fortress.

Step 2 – Pick a favorite activity – Whether you are a book worm or a movie addict, it doesn’t matter, choose a desired activity, which could keep you distracted from your work and will really help you to stop thinking about your stressful week or things that need to be done. The cozy day is all about me time.

Step 3 – Pour yourself a hot drink – Drinking a warming drink is an essential thing to do during the winter season. It not only warms up your whole body, but also heart. I personally am a chocolate addict, so my absolute favorite winter drink would of course be hot chocolate. But since I am trying to follow a healthy lifestyle and try to lower my sugar and dairy intake, I have found an alternative to regular hot coco. I consists of non-dairy milk(I use almond), natural cocoa, sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla and some natural sweetner(honey, agave, etc.). Just put all the ingredients in a sauce pan and leave them to simmer for about 5minutes. After that you got yourself a healthy winter drink, which still tastes as delicious and maybe even better. Another drink which I really like having on a cold winter nights is mulled wine or just some classic tea.

Step 4 – Light it up – What would a cozy day be without the smell of cinnamon or vanilla. I am true lover of aromatic candles since I was a little girl. I even remember that, every time we went Christmas shopping with my mother the first store we stopped by was the candle store, where I spent about an hour smelling all the candles that were for sale. Even if somehow you are scared of fire or happen to dislike candles, you can also switch on some Christmas lights and use them as a cute decoration.

Step 5 – Dress up – who said that you can’t look cute at home. What is a perfect cozy day without a comfy outfit to match? Put on your favorite pajama or oversized sweater, throw on some fluffy socks and slay your lazy day at home.

I am wearing pajama from Oysho

Step 6 – Treat yourself – Would it be me if my perfect day didn’t include food? I can’t imagine a day at home without a snack or a dish to munch on. Honestly one my favorite things to have on a cold winter day is either a warming soup or a spicy Indian curry. Of course there are times that I feel to lazy to cook and just snack on my favorite dark chocolate.

Step 7 – Pamper yourself: what’s a perfect day at home without putting on your favorite face mask, using your favorite body lotion and just taking time to make your skin glow up.

Well, I guess that’s a wrap. Honestly whether you choose to follow those steps or not, the only thing that actually matters is to really take this time to relax and treat yourself with the things you love. We all have a very stressful lifestyle and often forget about the small things in life that can make us smile. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a cute sweater or a stolen old shirt from your dad’s closet, relax, forget your worries and enjoy yourself.

3 healthy and easy party bite ideas

December was a month full of family and friend gatherings combined with Christmas parties. I am not complaining of course, but at a certain period, I felt drained from all that buzz and people. It was the end of the year and I had one last party left – New Year’s Eve. I was supposed to spend it with a few of my closest friends, so that is why I really wanted to surprise them with a few different kinds of party bites. As I already mentioned I was pretty tired and I did not want to spend hours in the kitchen, so I came up with these three recipes, which are not only healthy and nutritious, but also don’t cost you a fortune, and take only a little time to make. I can assure you that they taste great, because even before we had a couple of drinks, the snacks were already demolished. They are also great to be served as appetizers or snacks while throwing a cocktail party or just having a wine glass or two.

Zucchini bites



1 Zucchini

1 red pepper

Dried tomatoes

Vegan cheese or regular cheese spread


What to do?

Very thinly cut your zucchini lengthwise, I used a normal vegetable peeler to do so. Smudge one side of the zucchini with the vegan cheese, place a little bit of the arugula, two pieces of the red pepper(diced lengthwise) and add the small piece of the sundried tomato and basil. Then roll the zucchini and voila, you have yourself a small raw zucchini bite. Continue doing the same with the remaining ingredients.

Greek salad bites

2 cucumbers (preferably larger)

1 tomato

150g feta cheese

50 g yoghurt

1tbsp olive oil

*For a vegan swap, you can stuff the cucumbers with guacamole

What to do?

First make your cheese spread by combining in a bowl your; crumbled cheese, yoghurt, oregano, pinch of salt and 1 tsp. of olive oil. Then cut the cucumber in thicker pieces, remove the flesh and pat them until dry. Lastly fill your cucumber cups with the cheese spread and add a few cubed sliced tomatoes.

Aubergine bites (vegan)


2 Aubergines

1 Pomegranate


What to do?

Slice round your aubergines, salt them gently and leave them aside for 20 minutes. This way they won’t have a bitter taste. After 20 minutes, pat them dry and grill them until ready. Cut them in bite pieces, spread them with hummus and finish them off with the pomegranate and cilantro.

Well, there you have it! 3 delicious party bites that don’t require anything more than 30 minutes, love and creativity. Don’t hesitate to experiment and change up the recipes to your own liking, I would love to see your own creations!

Black and White Look-book

Let’s be honest, if we all look at our closet during the winter, we will most probably notice that the color scheme isn’t quite vibrant. It’s often discussed that the classic combination of black and white is too boring and we generally tend to avoid it. Well, as much as I agree with this statement, I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to prove that this classic combo can also “wow” the crowd. After spending a few hours in my closet I finally came up with two lovely black and white looks. They are a bit more on the dressier side but are still extremely comfortable and can be worn on a daily basis. The following photos of this look book were photographed by the charming @picsbyjulieta.


The matrix – For the first look I was mainly inspired by one of the hottest trends right now – blazer tied with a belt. In my look I used my fanny pack as the belt. I know that many people are very skeptic when it comes to bum bags but personally I find them extremely convenient. Not only are they light weight, but they also add an edgy touch to the whole outfit. I believe that the mix of patterns and fabrics used for this look definitely make it stand out. It executes a much less boring black and white color combination. You are probably wondering why I chose this name for the look. Well, honestly the story behind the name isn’t as interesting as some might think. My best friend told me that I looked like a character from the matrix.

T-Shirt – Top Shop

Blazer – Marc O’Polo

Coat – Jill Sanders

Sunglasses – unknown

Boots: Guess

Bum bag : ASOS

Mademoiselle BW – The second one was influenced by the classic French fashion, especially the barrette. I have recently noticed that one of my most worn pieces is in fact the barrette. I just adore how girly and stylish it can make even the simplest look. This look I styled with pieces which normally don’t go together such as midi-skirt – a more classy clothing item, and a bomber jacket – a much more sporty piece, but tied up with the statement hat make a complementary sport classic look.

Sweater – Frea

Skirt – Zara

Barrette – Asos

Bag – Ecco

Jacket – Cheap Monday

Boots: Guess

That’s all from me today. I hope that this look book inspires you to experiment even with your simplest clothing pieces.

Thrift shopping: Where to secondhand shop in Sofia?

Since I was a little girl, fashion has always been one of my biggest passions. I still dream that one day I will have a closet overfilled with designer clothes, bags and shoes. I will walk the streets of my city with the same sense of style and confidence as Carrie Bradshaw from the Carrie Diaries Continue reading “Thrift shopping: Where to secondhand shop in Sofia?”