Oriental stuffed sweet potato

A few months ago I decided that I want to switch out my routine entirely and become vegan for 40 days. As I expected it was not easy at all, but at the end it was  definitely worth it. However, one day I was having a friend over and I wanted to make something that was tasty, but also vegan friendly, so we could both enjoy it. The first thing I thought about were of course sweet potatoes  (like come on, who doesn’t love  sweet potatoes), my friend simply did, so I really wanted to surprise her with something special. I googled a couple of recipes and at the end I was inspired by a few and made my very own. It was very simple to make and extremely tasty. My friend really loved them and so did I, so I wasn’t surprised why our plates became empty so fast. I even posted an instagram story with my masterpiece and a lot of people dm-ed me to ask, in which restaurant was I in, so that really made me blush.  Some of my friends even tried the recipe at home and loved it. It doesn’t require a lot of time and it is pretty easy to make, so I recommend to make it for your next dinner or lunch. Continue reading “Oriental stuffed sweet potato”

Beetroot hummus with homemade spelt crackers

As  a person, who frequently hosts parties or always has some friends over, I know how important it is to always have some snacks around. So If you are like me and you are searching for an easy, healthy and fast recipe that will level up your snack game and impress your guests, than this one is perfect for you. Not only that it looks amazing, but it also tastes delicious.

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